Kavel 1

The location of the villa is special. This diamond shaped plot lies at the tip of the island surrounded by water with spectacular views over the park. We started with an abstract concrete volume that follows the form of the site. Due to its shape, the building will be experienced differently from every side. Sometimes narrow and sharp. Sometimes massive and wide.

Gershwin 13&15, Amsterdam

Studioninedots has unveiled its design for Gershwin plot 13&15 located at the very heart of Zuidas. Gershwin is the first mixed area in Zuidas, where people work and live alongside one another. The thrusting residential and office towers and the variety of facilities on offer create a cosmopolitan atmosphere found nowhere else in Amsterdam.

Pilot Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam

Studioninedots completes the innovative school at Zeeburgereiland. The concept "New schools, housing on demand" integrates solutions both on urban and building scale, to prevent expensive temporary emergency facilities and to address new urban planning strategies.

De Burgemeester, Hoofddorp

The project comprises a new work environment converted from an existing office building that is shared by individual entrepreneurs. The communal nature of this new social work space drives the identity of the new building.

Macro Lot Ya, Paris

Studioninedots wins an invited competition for a 9.300m2 office building in Paris. The site Lot Ya is beautifully located near the Seine right in front of L'île Seguin à Boulogne-Billancourt. Promising teams and well-established architects such as Jean Nouvel, Dominique Perrault, KCAP, LAN and Baumshlager&Eberle contribute to the development of this area.

Business Center Basel (CH)

On a strip next to the Rhein a beautiful plot is reserved for a business center of approximately 34.000 m2.
How to create five high-quality office buildings on a relatively small strip, where all buildings have equivalent premium views and individual qualities?

Leisure & Culture Center Rheinlehne, Pratteln (CH)

Studioninedots presented the first images of the study for Leisure & Culture Center Rheinlehne, located close to Basel. This building plays an important role in a large strip that will be development along the Rhein.

Cityplot ©

Cityplot © arose from the need to reconsider conventional urban planning strategies to open up more flexible models of development. This forms part of a larger challenge to address how urban strategies could be designed to be more receptive and able to change over times.

ODE, Amsterdam

The Oosterdokseiland (ODE) in Amsterdam is to be rebuilt with a large scale development that includes housing, offices, a hotel, a library, a conservatorium, shops, bars and restaurants. The masterplan specifies that the scheme's functions must be physically separated from each other - one block, one function.


Studioninedots + HVDN wins student housing competition for TU Delft Campus. By invitation of housing-corporation DUWO, we made a conceptual design for 140 permanent student housing at the TU Delft campus. The project parameters were to design a volume of 67 meters long and 5 storeys high, the building should have its own strong identity and a collective space on the roof. Another requirement was to have rain water harvesting on the roof as well.


There’s a need for new spatial strategies that make gradually transformation possible. Can we achieve this by composing an urban plan out of collective small-scale initiatives without losing a strong, coherent identity?

Het Kasteel, Milos

The plot is located besides a large shunting yard. How to transform an area with these noise conditions into a good quality living environment?

Villa Groothof

Villa Groothof is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the province of Gelderland. Each side of the plot has unique qualities and stunning views to the surrounding landscape.

Tennis Park Milano

Second round, ongoing. Tennis club Milano Alberto Bonacossa has become a green oasis in the vast growing city. Can we keep this green void in the growing city development and turn it into a special quality for the surroundings and Milan?