We have acknowledge the need to redefine alternative systems that are capable to taking us into the future in a more sustainable manner. WeSpace explores today’s new collective mindset which is providing a boost of creativity and community. So what if all the participants in this change could meet and pool their collective energies and resources together? In fact what we’re seeing now is an exciting time of sharing - everything from skills to power tools - and caring. Motivated by the collective potential of sharing space you will find our concerning projects - de Alliantie HQ, De Burgemeester Hoofddorp , Frankemaheerd and Suite 9 - focus on the communal social space.

De Alliantie headquarters, Hilversum

In the coming years, the 3.5-hectare Lucent site in Hilversum will be transformed into a vibrant new mixed-use residential/commercial development. De Alliantie needed a new headquarters to unite its various regional offices to become more efficient and customer-friendly. Being in good condition the four-storey office building was retained, however, renovations were required for its new function.

De Burgemeester, Hoofddorp

The project comprises a new work environment converted from an existing office building that is shared by individual entrepreneurs. The communal nature of this new social work space drives the identity of the new building.


Studioninedots + HVDN wins student housing competition for TU Delft Campus. By invitation of housing-corporation DUWO, we made a conceptual design for 140 permanent student housing at the TU Delft campus. The project parameters were to design a volume of 67 meters long and 5 storeys high, the building should have its own strong identity and a collective space on the roof. Another requirement was to have rain water harvesting on the roof as well.