Client: Heijmans
Type: 36 apartments and 12 townhouses; 74-190 m2
GFA: 6,800 m2
Location: Madridstraat, Leidsche Rijn Centre, Utrecht, NL
Status: Commissioned
Design team: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van
der Neut, Metin van Zijl

Project team: Sem Holweg, Anna Bozek, Adan Cardak
Design landscape and sustainability: Flux, FABRICations
BENG: 24.6 kWh/m2, EPC: -0.5, CPG: 7.8
Completion: 2020
Images: 3DStudioPrins

Heijmans commissioned Studioninedots to design Vestibule, based on the transition of the urban centre of Leidsche Rijn to the parks round and about the A2 motorway. Using one architectural concept, this luxury residential complex reacts to both atmospheres; to the green surroundings with an all-glass southern facade filled with plants and shrubs and to the classical urban layout with dynamic facades featuring enlarged fluting, built with travertine.
Vestibule owes its name to the striking, communal entrance hall, which creates an inviting gesture to the Madridstraat with its height, incidence of light, and plants and shrubs.

Vestibule will be located on plot H3 of the both urban and classically constructed Leidsche Rijn Centre. Vestibule also has the characteristic horizontal and vertical threefold division. This starting point is emphasised, moreover, by giving the facades their tectonics with curved surfaces, like flutes of a column, but then XL. The glass south facade provides for spaces for planters; an ingenious system for water storage and distribution also ensures the plants and shrubs remain truly green.
The Municipality of Utrecht just said about Vestibule: “In terms of style, the design is extremely iconic and refined qualitatively speaking (...) and ingeniously put together. A richly layered building.”