Cityplot is a dynamic process that arose from the need to reconsider conventional urban planning strategies to open up to more innovative and social flexible models of development.
With Cityplot, Studioninedots’ social and circular vision has gotten a spatial translation. At an urban plot a mix of people, functions and building types are gradually and flexibly, in high density and durably realized. The buildings, the landscape and its inhabitants are part of a dynamic system in which the flow of material, waste, energy and water is linked in new ways. The concept of Cityplot is a dynamic process that combines self-build projects with social housing, work/home units and social hubs, bringing together individuals, collectives, investors and small-scale developers. For realization of these goals and strategies, new collaborations and business models are essential.
Cityplot is not a blueprint, but designed to adapt new insights, both planned and spontaneous. Systems and infrastructures are organized such that self-organization plays an important role.
Below you will find more general information about Cityplot and also our concerning projects - Cityplot De Melkfabriek Arnhem, Cityplot Wisselspoor Utrecht, Cityplot Lammenschans, Cityplot Blok 43a, Cityplot Foodcenter and Cityplot Buiksloterham - in which we applied the Cityplot concept.

De Melkfabriek Arnhem

With pride we present to you: De Melkfabriek. In a team with BPD, Studiospacious, BOEi and Delva LA we won the tender for the transformation of the former Coberco factory site in Arnhem. Our vision opens up the current disused industrial site on the Rhine river with and for the people of Arnhem through creating a distinctly sustainable and lively urban environment.


Hackable Cityplot on show at IABR, spring 2016

How can you change a polluted industrial area into a lively residential and commercial district without using a top-down master plan? And how can you make sure to also boost social and technological innovation to realize the circular ambitions of the area? These are pivotal questions for Cityplot at Buiksloterham - started as an experimental site and taking shape now. This process was selected by IABR for the exhibition The Next Economy. For the installation + program Hackable Cityplot Studioninedots, Delva Landscape Architects, Stadslab Buiksloterham Circulair, One Architecture, The Mobile City and Uva/HvA teamed up. Take a peek!

Wisselspoor, Utrecht

The competition winning Wisselspoor masterplan is to transform an 11-acres site to a sustainable urban working and living area. The integration of the existing railway heritage with a new modern cultural and social life adds a new dynamic urban environment with a strong identity to the center of Utrecht.

Cityplot Buiksloterham, Amsterdam

Studioninedots and DELVA Landscape Architects present the dynamic masterplan Buiksloterham, commissioned by housing corporation de Alliantie. Through an innovative urban, landscape and social development plan, the former Nedcoat and Air Products sites in the harbour area of Buiksloterham will be regenerated in a sustainable way.

Cityplot Foodcenter

Studioninedots worked in 2012 is on the redevelopment of a new masterplan Food Center Amsterdam. The plan consists of the transformation of the current location (260.000 m2) into a new and modern Food Center 100.000 m2 and a living area with 1600 houses in which we applied the Cityplot concept.

Cityplot Lammenschans

Lammenschans is located in the southern part of the city of Leiden. The site is an isolated area between access roads and railroad tracks and currently contains industrial functions. We analyzed the existing urban fabric of a typical, historically grown block of Leiden to create a new type of building block: the intensive Cityplot.

Cityplot ©

Concentrated urbanism provided the foundation for Cityplot, wich proposes a dens, social, flexible city block composed of small-scale mixed-use developments. Each block combines a range of function; commercial, residential, retail and hospitality, services/parking.